Exploring Network Security with Nmap Commands: Ethical Hackers(Beginners) Must Know

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I’ve already discussed the legion tool. It is a tool for scanning targets via a graphical user interface. View it now

The ping scanning gives information about every active IP on your Network. We can perform a ping scan by using the below command:

nmap -sn <target>

sS TCP SYN scan

sT TCP connect scan

sU UDP scans



Host scanning provides a detailed description of a particular host or IP address

Nmap -sp <target IP range>

Nmap -O <target IP>

This sort of scan examines the response after sending TCP and UDP packets to a port. It provides details about a host’s OS after comparing the answer to a database of operating systems.

Nmap — Top-ports 20 <target IP>

If we want the output of results of Nmap scan of any file, you can add an extension to the command.

Add:-oN output.txt

Work in your machine ,which gives more knowledge to you.

nmap: Basic command to run a simple scan on a target host.nmap -sS: Perform a stealth SYN scan.nmap -sT: Perform a TCP connect scan.nmap -sU: Perform a UDP scan.nmap -sA: Perform an ACK scan.nmap -sW: Perform a Window scan.nmap -sM: Perform a Maimon scan.nmap -sN: Perform a Null scan.nmap -sX: Perform an Xmas scan.nmap -sF: Perform a FIN scan.nmap -sL: Perform a List scan.nmap -sI: Perform an idle scan.nmap -p: Specify specific ports to scan.nmap -o: Output results to a file.nmap --top-ports: Scan the top most commonly used ports.nmap --version-all: Attempt to determine the version number of all services running on the target host.nmap -O -A -v --open -iL targets.txtnmap --resumenmap --resume scan_results.xmlnmap --exclude --exclude -sS -sV

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