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hello guys, are you excited to learn cybersecurity or ethical hacking ,You are curious about how things work and have thirst in learning new skills? Great! Let’s get started then 😉.


first of all ,I will tell about my myself .My name Vijayan then I’m student and Freelancer .Then I done Many certificated courses like (Google, amazon , Udemy , etc..).I’m doing my internship in prompt infotech .it is cybersecurity IT company . Then I have found bugs in some private programs And I will also share about my experience that how i started in this field. Yeah This about me. let get started.

Basic Things To know :

First of all , before getting started to cybersecurity you need to know some Terminology. I will explain about that.

A Ethical hacker or security researcher is someone able to develop its own tools in an elegant way. Unlike the script-kiddies — that by definition are just kids using other people’s scripts — a talented hacker must

comprehend what a script/tool is doing and how it basically works .able to develop its own tools when needed and first and foremost .understand the basics of IT: do you know how a computer is generally working? This is not that easy to be honest. Could you list what are the network stacks used in modern computing? You should definitely look it up and learn the basics, otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed looking at security specific topics.

That is why, before doing anything «security» related (pentesting, bug hunting, reverse engineering, etc.) I highly recommend knowing the basics: learn computer programming. Learn C, Python and x86 (in that order or not).

C is the mother of all native languages, with its strength and weaknesses. Linux is built in C. Windows kernel is built in C. And C is the natural introduction to its big brother C++ on which a lot of software rely on (userland Windows for example). I strongly advise you to learn C, you just cannot ignore how widespread it is.

Python is the most important scripting language in the community and one of the most rapidly growing programming language (see image below). It has a lot of interesting modules already ready for you to enjoy. It’s very handy to write quick PoC’s and most people in the community will understand Python. Alternatively you can learn Ruby that is also very much used (i.e. Metasploit framework): pick your poison.

(Note : we will attach some resources and courses at the end)

Next Thing you must need to know about basic of networking like(how internet works! ,you need to know routing , subnetting ,what are the packets!. Then What are 7 OSI layer !what are the protocol used ,etc….). these will help through how network security then you able easily through this basic. Through this basic you can web Pentesting(*like bug bounty)and lot more ..

**This basic knowledge will help you start with security or ethical hacker.**

The Demand and Jobs:

This field Is so demand because There’s good reason behind the growth, Cybercrime caused an estimated $3 trillion in damages in 2015, according to research firm Cybersecurity Ventures. The company expects that figure to double to $6 trillion by 2021. Corporations face a “defender’s dilemma,” which Dave Weinstein, a security manager inside Google, summed up this way: “The defender has to be strong everywhere, every day. The attacker only has to win once.” For each set of bad guys, the defense side needs veritable armies, beefing up armaments and rushing to the rescue at the first sign of an attack.

How Much Salary They pay:

For instance, there were more than 26,000 openings for cybersecurity analysts (average pay: $85,000 a year), according to CyberSeek, which is part of a program nested under the U.S. Department of Commerce. “If someone has six months to a year of work and when they came in for an interview, they didn’t pee on the rug, they’re going to make in the neighborhood of $85,000”! “If they have a special skill — if they have experience doing database scanning or maybe they worked as a programmer before moving to security — then they’re going up to $110 -125,000.” For those with five or more years of experience, she said, the salaries start at $150,000.

It’s a cool job!. You can learn more about tech career and also in this field you want to always be updated. If you’re not then you can’t survive this field. “It’s not a job you can get bored at. If you get bored, you’re doing something wrong”!.


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