Project 2510: Bug Bounty Challenge — Day 15/25

1 week ago 12

I found no vulnerabilities today, all the functionalities I’ve come across are secure to my knowledge, but my current goal is to invest a lot of time into the target asset, to understand the asset inside out, gather as much information as possible about my target. I’ve come across this tweet today, and it sums up what’s going through my mind as I keep hacking this asset and finding no vulnerabilities.

The only way to fail in hacking is by giving up. When I saw this tweet, I knew I had to share it with you.

I cannot explain how much excitement I am feeling right now, for no reason other than being grateful for what my future can be through hard-work, I hope that I can make at least one person feel what I’m feeling, pure excitement like the first time I got started, and not to give up on their hacking journey. Stay in there, keep putting in the work. I believe in you and your potential. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Do not give up :)

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