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VAIOT is a protocol for reliable and legally compliant digital contracting and AI-supported service distribution channels. Its use-cases vary from the creation or purchase of digital insurance contracts to traditional paper-like contracts with smart contract equivalents. Legal compliance is ensured for specific jurisdictions. By combining AI & Blockchain, VAIOT creates IVAs (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) for both consumers and businesses, acting as an interface for products.

AIOT Public Tesnet will introduce all vital functionalities which will be available on our Cosmos-based Mainnet. This will include the VAI payback mechanism, Intelligent Contracts, and VAI payments.


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The leaderboard will track different components mentioned above, these are the points that you can earn:

Each bug raised through the bug reporting form will earn 2 points.Development, system enhancement, and new functionality suggestions (after approval based on the quality of the suggestion) will earn 4 points.You’ll also be able to earn points by quote tweeting VAIOT (0.5 points) or creating a brand-new tweet to promote VAIOT (1 point). Keep in mind that you’ll need to fill out the twitter form (see below) to be eligible for the points. Furthermore, a maximum of 1.5 points per week can be collected from social messaging and sharing.

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2. Development ideas and new functionality : suggestions:

3. Social actions: reporting:\

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