What is cyber kill chain ?

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What is cyber kill chain ?

Imagine you have a fort, and there's a sneaky intruder who wants to break into your fort and cause trouble. The cyber kill chain is like a step-by-step plan that the intruder follows to carry out their attack.

Cyberkill chain

Here are the steps of the cyber kill chain:

1. Reconnaissance: The intruder starts by spying on your fort. They gather information about it, like where the weak spots are or where the guards are less alert.

2. Weaponization: Next, the intruder gets ready by preparing their tools and weapons. They might create special gadgets or use tricks to break into your fort.

3. Delivery: Now, the intruder finds a way to deliver their weapons or tools to your fort. They might send a message or trick someone into bringing the weapon inside.

4. Exploitation: Once the intruder's tools are inside, they use them to find a way into your fort. They might use secret codes or find a hidden door to sneak in.

5. Installation: When the intruder gets inside, they start setting up their equipment to stay hidden. They might create secret passages or hide things so they can come back later.

6. Command and Control: The intruder establishes a way to communicate with their friends outside the fort. They can tell them what's happening inside and get more help if they need it.

7. Actions on Objectives: Finally, the intruder starts causing trouble according to their plan. They might steal things, break things, or do other bad things they planned to do.

The good news is that there are ways to stop the intruder at each step. Guards can be alert during reconnaissance, special locks can protect against weaponization, and strong defenses can block delivery. By understanding each step of the cyber kill chain, we can make sure our forts are safe from these sneaky intruders.

Remember, it's important to stay safe online, protect your personal information, and be careful when opening messages or clicking on links. If you ever have any concerns or notice something suspicious, make sure to tell a trusted adult.

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