4 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Bug Bounty — Bug Bounty Tuesday

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Hello everyone, I’m Kerstan.

Today is Bug bounty Tuesday.

If Beginner in Bug Bounty Hunting? Afraid you might make lots of mistakes? This writeup is for you.

So, let’s dive right in.

Image generated with PaintingForYouNot Reading the Program GuidelinesMany bug bounty program guidelines are often overlooked or skimmed, leading to missed critical information about scope,out of scope,and reporting of vulnerabilities.

2. Not Documenting Findings Properly

Insufficient documentation can hinder clear reporting to program owners,hinder vulnerability impact demonstration,and potentially reduce payouts due to reduced clarity and conciseness.

3. Not Respecting Program Rules and Scope

Adherence to program rules is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation in the bug hunting community,as violating them can lead to negative consequences.

4. Not Prioritizing Impactful Vulnerabilities

Bug bounty programs prioritize severity and impact of vulnerabilities,benefiting organizations and communities by enhancing rewards and recognition.
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