Install DalFox on Kali Linux

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Instructions to Install DalFox on Kali Linux
DalFox: is a parameter analysis and XSS scanner.
Ways / Methods to Install DalFox tool on Kali Linux :

Requirement : Install Go Lang (
Check : go version
Open Terminal and run : sudo su

Method One
Run : GO111MODULE=on go get -v
Run : cp /root/go/bin/dalfox /usr/local/go/bin
Check : dalfox -h

Method Two
Run : git clone
Run : cd dalfox
Run : go install
Run : go build
Run : cp /root/go/bin/dalfox /usr/local/go/bin
Check : dalfox -h

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More Info :

Please note above mentioned directories and file names may be different for you, installation steps may change in future. Please chek and work accordingly.
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