Bug Bounty Challenge: Day 8–02/04/2024

2 weeks ago 20


Welcome to Day 8/32.

As you know, I have recently been away from hacking for 2–3 weeks, which means that there’s a lot of research I still have to keep up to date with, and that was my entire focus for today.

Every day I hack, I start by reading research by others, but because I haven’t hacked in a while I spent the entire day reading research and updating my hacking methodology, and I am still not done with all my bookmarked tabs. I’m aiming to be done by the end of tomorrow so that I get back into hacking my target ASAP, luckily for me, I always keep notes so it’ll be a smooth continuation.

Nothing exciting happened today, it was just a lot of research, research, research… This is an important part, no matter how boring it gets, I make sure to keep myself updated on hacking knowledge, especially in bug bounty hunting, it’s crucial.

Happy hacking. See you tomorrow. ❤

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