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Hi guys

I was researching SMTP and mail server for some time.
I decided to start researching Microsoft Outlook.
When I went further and deepened my research, I realized that this vulnerability can exist on many mail servers.

That’s why I wrote this write-up so that (Bug hunters and Security researcher and Penetration testing) and even security defence teams will notice it.

I will explain about the bug first
I have noticed a bug in SMTP and Mail server in Microsoft Exchange
That would allow me to send emails(Example: or from anyone I want to anyone in user Outlook
That is, any email that was related to Microsoft

The point is that this could only be done from Outlook’s own e-mails, for example, it cannot be done from Gmail to Outlook.

In the picture below, I sent myself an email from

I reported this vulnerability to Microsoft security experts and they fixed this bug

Report bug to

This was a summary of the vulnerability I found
Before I talk about vulnerability, I would like to show you how I got this vulnerability.

Before I started researching, I had no idea how to start, I just knew that I wanted to find a vulnerability on Mail Servers and I just started.

That’s why I went to read RFC 5321 to understand SMTP architecture well.

After reading the RFC I went to find out what happens when an email is sent?

And after this I realized that there are security mechanisms
For example, I researched DKIM and SPF again.
And in the end, with all the research I did, a question came to me, what happens if I connect directly with the Outlook server and try to send email through this server?

The bug started

For this, I needed to find the main Outlook mail server first, which was not a complicated task

Mail is handled by

After I got the address of the mail server, I started connecting to it with telnet

Telnet port 25

Well, for this you need to read about smtp commands
which is easily obtained by searching on Google

As you can see in the photo above, I came, first I connected with the EHLO server and the server answered me.
Then I specified with mail from who I want to send the email from, here I wanted to send the email from and the status 250 was returned to me OK
Then I specified to whom the email(RCPT TO) should be sent, here I put my email, and again the status returned to me was 250 OK.
And then I specified with data that I want to send a data (text).

Tip “ In order to understand how the server is behaving, be sure to read about the status codes

After specifying the source of the email and the destination of the email, I added my data to the email
And I added a text and body the end of the email with a dot
And here my email was successfully forwarded to my email from

successfully send
History email

And finally, I want to tell you another scenario(Another company) where I bypassed SPF using a technique

In this scenario, it was very interesting to me that when I was sending the email, it did not allow me to send the email. I defined a Content-Type in the header and put a charset with ISO-8859–1 value for it.
I tested the charset section with different patterns until ISO-8859–1 worked and bypassed.

I hope this writeup has helped you :)

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