TokenUniverse - An Advanced Tool For Working With Access Tokens And Windows Security Policy

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Token Universe is an advanced tool that provides a wide range of possibilities to research Windows security mechanisms. It has a convenient interface for creating, viewing, and modifying access tokens, managing Local Security Authority and Security Account Manager's databases. It allows you to obtain and impersonate different security contexts, manage privileges, auditing settings, and so on.

My goal is to create a useful tool that implements almost everything I know about access tokens and Windows security model in general. And, also, to learn even more in the process. I believe that such a program can become a valuable instrument for researchers and those who want to learn more about the security subsystem. You are welcome to suggest any ideas and report bugs.



Token-related functionality

Obtaining tokens

Open process/thread token Open effective thread token (via direct impersonation) Query session token Log in user using explicit credentials Log in user without credentials (S4U logon) Duplicate tokens Duplicate handles Open linked token Filter tokens Create LowBox tokens Created restricted tokens using Safer API Search for opened handles Create anonymous token Impersonate logon session token via pipes Open clipboard token

Highly privileged operations

Add custom group membership while logging in users (requires Tcb Privilege) Create custom token from scratch (requires Create Token Privilege)


User Statistics, source, flags Extended flags (TOKEN_*) Restricting SIDs App container SID and number Capabilities Claims Trust level Logon session type (filtered/elevated/default) Logon session information Verbose terminal session information Object and handle information (access, attributes, references) Object creator (PID) List of processes that have handles to this object Creation and last modification times

Viewing & editing

Groups (enable/disable) Privileges (enable/disable/remove) Session Integrity level (lower/raise) UIAccess, mandatory policy Virtualization (enable/disable & allow/disallow) Owner and primary group Originating logon session Default DACL Security descriptor Audit overrides Handle flags (inherit, protect)


Impersonation Safe impersonation Direct impersonation Assign primary token Send handle to process Create process with token Share with another instance of TokenUniverse

Other actions

Compare tokens Linking logon sessions to create UAC-friendly tokens Logon session relation map

AppContainer profiles

Viewing AppContainer information Listing AppContainer profiles per user Listing child AppContainers Creating/deleting AppContainers

Local Security Authority

Global audit settings Per-user audit settings Privilege assignment Logon rights assignment Quotas Security Enumerate accounts with privilege Enumerate accounts with right

Security Account Manager

Domain information Group information Alias information User information Enumerate domain groups/aliases/users Enumerate group members Enumerate alias members Manage group members Manage alias members Create groups Create aliases Create users Sam object tree Security

Process creation


CreateProcessAsUser CreateProcessWithToken WMI RtlCreateUserProcess RtlCreateUserProcessEx NtCreateUserProcess NtCreateProcessEx CreateProcessWithLogon (credentials) ShellExecuteEx (no token) ShellExecute via IShellDispatch2 (no token) CreateProcess via code injection (no token) WdcRunTaskAsInteractiveUser (no token)


Current directory Desktop Window show mode Flags (inherit handles, create suspended, breakaway from job, ...) Environmental variables Parent process override Mitigation policies Child process policy Job assignment Run as invoker compatibility AppContainer SID Capabilities

Interface features

Immediate crash notification Window station and desktop access checks Debug messages reports

Process list

Hierarchy Icons Listing processes from Low integrity & AppContainer Basic actions (resume/suspend, ...) Customizable columns Highlighting Security Handle table manipulation

Interface features

Restart as SYSTEM Restart as SYSTEM+ (with Create Token Privilege) Customizable columns Graphical hash icons Auto-detect inherited handles Our own security editor with arbitrary SIDs and mandatory label modification Customizable list of suggested SIDs Detailed error status information Detailed suggestions on errors

Misc. ideas

[?] Logon session creation (requires an authentication package?) [?] Job-based token filtration (unsupported on Vista+) [?] Privilege and audit category description from wsecedit.dll

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